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We love weddings

With all of our experience with weddings, we know how overwhelming it can all be. That is where we step in.
Our aim is to make the whole process as simple as possible, whether you have a whole Pinterest album full of a million different photos,
or you simply have no idea at all, we are here to help.
Our brains are exploding with different ideas and with years of experience, we have seen it all.
Cascading, traditional, rustic, wired, artificial, modern, tropical, garden, boho, you name it, we have made it.

What we love about weddings is that no two are ever the same, each one is unique.
The trends in the flower industry are constantly changing and we love it, from re flexed roses to the addition of pampas grass and dried foliage,
what’s old is new again and it’s what makes us so excited.
If you have a small budget or the skies the limit, we will work with you to create your perfect vision.
As well as fresh flowers, we also have a large range of event decorations to hire, from wedding arches to donut walls (even a red carpet) you name it,
we most likely have it, and if we don’t then we will source it for you.
We want everything to be as easy as possible for you, wedding planning doesn’t have to be hard if you have the right help.

We all absolutely love our job and weddings are our biggest passion

We get to bring your wedding flower dreams to life and that is something truly special.
If you are soon to be a Mr or Mrs then we would love to have a chat.
Give us a call, send an email or pop into the shop and we can start planning!!